Private video confrencing sevice: not zoom or jitsi

specifically i would like an end to end encrypted service where i can share my screen to watch a movie with my friend.

ive never tested the feature out, but for dekstop there is always Tox. Its P2P and uses NaCl encryption

if you change the input settings to desktop under the video settings, i think that is supposed to share your screen :smiley:

I think tox is considered experimental… some ppl might not like that, but i personally use experimental software a lot lols. Sometimes I just use tox transfer sensitive files (like a CV or resume) when im too lazy to do it another way :smiley:

Other than allowing your computer to accept remote connections (RDP if youre on windows) Im not too sure of anything else . Someone else here might have more options

This seems like an abuse of some sort. We really can’t prevent you to not do this, but please do consider the server spending money for bandwidth for what is arguably piracy…

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Jitsi work on E2EE also its private if you used maybe small server or host it on your own

Aren’t most of 1:1 calls peer-to-peer these days? So no server will be loaded with additional bandwidth?

Still I don’t see why would anyone use video call for movie streaming. Isn’t easier to record the screen with some recording software and share the file somehow (e.g. onionshare)

You have the option to route any call to the signal server to further anonymize your call

Yes, I know that, but it is an option (and not default I think)

no i want to be able to watch and talk to my friend at the same time not just share it.
i thought about using jitsi but some people said it was not secure because you had to route it through their severs and i did not want to set up my own because that cost money

in the past i’ve watched a movie with a friend without being in the same room before :smiley: what we did is we both got the movie (it was free) and then we just pressed the play button at the same time :slight_smile:

but then i imagine it would be nice to be on a video call at the same time anyway so it becomes a question of good video call software… which is a good question :slight_smile: hm Jami or Tox are def options

I noticed that Wire also allows video calls [This isn’t P2P, just so you know…and they also use Amazon web servers. oh and its also entirely possible they collect metadata (messages r encrypted)]

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Sure, Wire is not P2P, but they probably use it only for 1:1 calls, just like many others. (Signal, WhatsApp, Element…). Just because it is easier to implement it and not to overload servers.

When it comes to their metadata collection, the main reason for that is, it is basically necessary, if you want to have all those good features (at least that’s what their github page says). Similar is with Element. So you need to evaluate your threat model and decide if you care more about features or metadata collection

This website was specifically made to watch videos together with friends (and also play a few games, use Paint and have a virtual room, tho the virtual room is quite crudely made lol, but customizable with image files).

It has 3 modes:

  • ScreenShare (for stuff like Netflix)
  • URL if the video is publicly available like YouTube, Vimeo, random websites, etc
  • File to upload a mkv, mp4 or other filetype to stream it

While it doesn’t seem to be running on E2EE, it doesn’t need to sign up for accounts.
None of their pages have ads or trackers according to uBlock Origin + Nanodefender, Decentraleyes and Disconnect; you can also manage cookies.

It’s fun, and if you have the physical file or a more open stream service, you can watch movies and videos with higher image and audio quality for everyone else rather than dealing with screenshare.

PS: if you don’t trust this website for voice chat, you could run a voice call with E2EE on another service like Signal, Telegram, Mumble, TeamSpeak.

is kosmi private at all???

is encrypted
does any one know