Private mobile carriers

Could anyone point me to private mobile phone carriers?

There is not a section under “Providers” in concerning it, but I think it would be very important to add it.

Personally, I live in Italy, but any suggestion for any Country would still be insightful

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I think something like Twilio might suit your needs?

They are SIP Trunking providers that can provide you cellphone number for SMS and call uses. But it does require an existing data service.

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Phone carriers are local, and there’s not really much of a choice. No carrier is “safe” concerning privacy, because of the way they work.
You should also avoid conventional SMS/phone calls if you value privacy, because they’re super easy to tap into (therefore opting for secure and private messengers and VOIP call providers).

Just go with the one that seems the most professional (certainly not WindTre). In Italy we don’t have the big data espionage other countries are subject to, however if you want to, use a VPN (ProtonVPN is good even free if you don’t want to spend).

As for phone browser, Firefox is a thing and works really well, but doesn’t have nearly the same flexibility and attention to detail that the desktop experience has (no about:config, a handful of extensions). For maximum privacy, Tor can be used on Android too (at the cost of most websites’ functionality).

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I am currently using Iliad. Nevertheless, I am starting to receive quite a lot of spam and phishing SMSs, and I can’t figure out why, since I never share my phone number except in cases of extreme importance.

I have never used, and probably not for you. But to see how such a thing could be created.