Private completely offline note taking apps for android?

'Ello guys.
What completely offline note taking app for android with good UI, can add links and images do you recommend?
Is Simple Notepad private and secure?

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I have heard good things about Standard Notes



Edit: I just realized that you mentioned that it must be always offline. So these might not work for that. Seems like i read about a way to keep Standard Notes offline but i can’t remember for sure.

According to their site, Standard Notes can be used offline

Can I use Standard Notes totally offline?

Standard Notes can be used totally offline without an account, and without an internet connection.

Without an account

When using Standard Notes without signing up for a free sync account, any data you create will remain only on the local machine, and will not be synced. There are a few things to note in this scenario:

  • Encryption When using Standard Notes without an account, you’ll need an alternative source of encryption, since no password has been set. To enable encryption when using the application offline, set up a Local Passcode . You can do this via the Account menu. Once a local passcode is enabled, the same level of encryption will be used as if you were using the application with an account.
  • Extensions Extensions can also be used without a sync account. The instructions on how to configure extensions do not differ at all in this case.

Without an internet connection

If you do use a sync account to keep your notes synced and encrypted, but encounter a scenario with limited network connectivity, Standard Notes will continue to function.

Any notes which have been previously synced to the device will be accessible without a connection. Any changes you make to notes while offline will be saved to the device. These changes will be synced to your account as soon as network connectivity is restored and the application is opened.

There is one thing to note when using Standard Notes without an internet connection:

  • Extensions The desktop application does not require an active internet connection (past the initial setup) for extensions to run. This means that editors and themes will work seamlessly when offline. The mobile application, on the other hand, does require an internet connection in some scenarios. On iOS and Android, an active internet connection is required for Extended editors to load (themes will work offline). In this scenario, the application will fallback to the plain editor.

i mean you can download any app and cut off internet from it

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I use Markor from F-droid

Cool, something like this?

Standard notes have some pretty bad reviews on play store and UI seems bad, have to pay $10 for a single feature seems shady… I would rather pay for entire app.

Yup! get a free firewall on fdroid (to protect yourself) and block access to app, im sure there is tons of notepads on google play store (you can use yalp store) so download one and cut net from it

SilentNotes can be used completely offline. The synchronization is optional, end-to-end encrypted and can be self-hosted.