PrivacytoolsIO Git Hosting

Hey-o! If you’re looking for a new home for your GitHub projects after they were bought by Microsoft, or your GitLab projects after they switched to Google Cloud, or… whatever, I have just the service for you! is a free Git repository hosting service using Gitea. We are currently mirroring all of our project repositories to :smile:


If your project has an active community on GitHub/GitLab/wherever and you can’t move to a new platform easily, our mirroring option will allow you to pull changes from any Git repo. Think of it as an automatic backup service!

Third party requests

Unlike other Git hosting sites, this service does not make any third-party requests for CSS, user avatars, Javascript, etc. And we don’t log any identifying access information.

Repo limits

Accounts and organizations are limited to 25 repos to prevent abuse. If you need more that limit can be increased up to 500. Just get in touch with me and let me know how many you’ll need and why you’ll need them.

Making many accounts or organizations simply to get around the limits is forbidden.


This is awesome.