Privacytools services launch page

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #1

It would be nice to have a simple page where to find all PTIO services at a glance. For example see


Yes. I mean, yes. Actually, YES.

Edit : that being said, isn’t just that page ? I don’t see the reddit sub there, but that will be abandoned at some point, right ?

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #3

I think would be the closest page, but it still requires scrolling and isn’t as clean as


My personal taste rather pulls me to Menus and such. Microsoft Windows 1950’s edition, so to speak.

What I was thinking about is a Privacy Tools home page, the mother of all places, and this seems to be a good candidate, with all the product recommendations. I was uncomfortable when my main point of access was the reddit sub, because the other places were not shown there (or I could not find them).

it stll requires scrolling

Does not the Services menu on top give access to all services ?

(Jonah) #5

Doesn’t require scrolling on my display resolution, but it’s no dashboard. I guess we could make something like and put it on a subdomain (especially if someone else made it for me :P).

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(Ekrem) #6

Could be done with

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Okay, but more beautiful than that horrible Disroot page, then, shall we ?

(Jonah) #8

That’s very cool! I will look into that.