PrivacyTools is after a new name!

We are looking for a new name for the PrivacyTools organization.

Currently we don’t have control over certain parts of the infrastructure such as our domain name. This has been a problem which we’ve tried to resolve for some time. Changing our name and domain is the first step towards solving this problem.

On Monday August 2nd, we will start a vote to choose the best new name. Until then, you can submit your name ideas here! The voting process will be ranked voting, which will allow you to vote on multiple names in order of preference.

Why this system of voting? We chose ranked voting (Ranked voting - Wikipedia) so that we’ll end up with a result that’s agreeable to (almost) everybody. It gives “pretty good” names a chance even if they are not the most popular. Ranked voting also helps avoid highly controversial names in favor of more acceptable ones. We want this to be a smooth process that is drama-free and fair to everybody.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Please also include an available domain name for your name suggestion - it’s important that we can register it. Ideally a .com/.net/.org domain name, but we are specifically looking to avoid ccTLDs (any domain with a two-letter TLD).
  • We’ll remove any trolling submissions from the vote - we want to involve the community in choosing a new name, because it’s your community too, but as with anything that doesn’t mean there’s no moderation.
  • Please don’t discuss your name suggestions or votes in community channels. To avoid exhausting bikeshedding and ensure a fair result, we want to make this a blind vote. While we obviously can’t stop you from discussing it outside of PrivacyTools’s rooms, we trust that you’ll do your part in making all of this a smooth process!

Please vote using this link: Aragon Cloud

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Could you give background or explain? How did this happen, and how will you prevent it from happening again?

Well the issue actually dates back to when PrivacyTools was founded.

Only BurungHantu had access to the domain, and despite trying to suggest a more decentralized approach, he refused to allow systems administration access.

He went inactive, without participation on GitHub for several years, and only popping on Matrix every 6-12 months or so. He’d say “Hello” and sometimes we’d ask a question and get no further response.

As of now we’ve not spoken to him since October 2020. The last read receipt in Matrix is from the 1st of March 2021. Despite being highlighted he didn’t answer any of our questions or speak to us.

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