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I remember someone posted about this not so long ago, but I can’t find the post. Someone asked if it would be possible to change some of the ways in which information is collected as stated in the Discourse’s privacy policy, more specifically regarding to IP logs. The post has gone dead now so I would like to know if this is still possible, I think it makes sense to gather some information for troubleshooting but I don’t see how IPs are valuable.

I would also like to know some stuff related to the Mastodon instance that you provide and how it interacts with others.
Is the instance that you provide more private than the others? Do you collect the same information as you state in your main website’s privacy policy? Even if your instance does not log or logs anonymized data, can other instances gather that information when I interact with them (toots, boosts, etc)?

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Interested in the answer too. and just adding the Matrix instance to the question. :slight_smile:

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I would be interested in what user tracking and analytics on the searx privacy tools instance is collected.
I see that Privacy Tools uses Matomo to collect the information.

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That’s a really interesting point too, and a very important also since what you browser could really affect your privacy.

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Their privacy statement for Privacy Tools states what data is collected on the website or service.
But there is no specific information on what data and information is sent from the service searx privacytools to Matomo. (uses Matomo for user tracking and analytics)

I don’t have access to most of the things, so I cannot comment much, but in case of Matomo, you can opt-out from the privacy page unless you are using DNT in which case you are already opted-out.

You are not being tracked since your browser is reporting that you do not want to. This is a setting of your browser so you won’t be able to opt-in until you disable the ‘Do Not Track’ feature.

@jonah, have you seen this thread?

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