PrivacyTools forums triggering Facebook Container button blocker?

Uh, what is this? Facebook Container says it’s blocking a Facebook button to prevent tracking, in the top left corner of It doesn’t happen constantly, usually after staying a while inside a thread, or after posting something.

Ironically recursive

ooo sounds sneaky. but ya on a different site I noticed FB trackers just trying to order a pizza a few days ago lols

sometime when i dont mind running vpnc I’ll leave a browser open with packet sniffers and such on a lightweight browser and leave it open :smiley:

rn i’m on tor…:\ funny to know that tor is made to be censorship resistant… so it bypasses my own firewall rules and such :frowning:

thats def worth researching and running some experiments :smiley: i noticced it on other sites too (like pizzaaa)

P.S. I currently have 3rd party images, 3rd party scripts, 3rd party css, 3rd party subdocuments, 3rd party objects and downloadable fonts and fav icons all disabled - so I’m safe from creepy FB still :smiley: theyre not smart enough :smiley:

I came here to say that I have the same setup (Firefox w/ FB container) and that I could not replicate, but as soon as I hit the reply button, the Facebook block icon appeared. Not sure what the deal is, but for me it seems like it might have something to do with Disqus and replying?


(i’m using a network-inspector thingie - i’m not logging into the forums without tor so i can capture packets lols)

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Not sure, I don’t see anything in an addon I tried out: Ublock Origin, but if you have an addon that can blacklist urls, adding these probably won’t hurt;


i got those from a different site lols. oh and unrelated - adding this prob wont hurt as something about it looks kinda dumb and silly (from a different site as well) ;

* O.o