Privacy Tools Searx Instance not working

Since about a day or two, Every search I do on Firefox which defaults to the searx instance of Privacy Tools, does not return a single page, until I go to settings -> Enginges and turn off Google, but since I don’t want to keep cookies for the page, it has become horrible to search with it. I really like Searx but if this persists I will have to go back to DDG.

Any Ideas as why this is happening? Is it only me?

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I am having same behavior (the one I described) with also

Confirmed here, too. Startpage and Google seem to be blocking results to searx. (Startpage told me a while back their block is automatic and due to an anti-abuse mechanism that addresses scraping.) I also tried the La Quadrature instance with the same 0 results when only using Startpage. When I reset to default, Google comes back with an error.

Google is always a problem. Startpage is sometimes a problem.

I understand that google is a problem, but startpage because it is?

I should clarify. I’ve never had luck with Google at searx in the last year or so. Startpage is often not a default selection at public instances and usually has a “not supported” memo. Unless you use an instance with SP selected or purposely select it, SP won’t be an issue.

When I purposely select SP, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. The SP anti-abuse mechanism likely kicks in to stop what is perceived to be scraping. So Google is always a problem.

btw - welcome @wuniversales

This sucks, I am changing back my default search engine in my browser to DuckDuckGo I hope this can be fixed soon so I can move back to searx in privacytools.

Kind of related. Would it be possible to have one instance with SFW searches enabled?