Privacy Software Developer Identity

Sparked by the discussion Should team members be public?, I was wondering:

Who do you think should reveal their identity, and to what degree?

The Poll I am most interested about is of course software developers. What should they share on their Product site?

  • Github
  • Twitter
  • other social media
  • Real Photo
  • Professional about page
  • Personal about page
  • is allowed to stay anonymous

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For me personally I do trust software more when I know the developer, but I can gain that trust by getting to know what they believe in through what they share on twitter, maybe reddit.

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According to my OpenHUB profile I have been git user for 8 years and I think I have been a registered user on freenode IRC network for a bit longer time. I think back then using your real name in git was more a rule than an exception, but that may just been the projects I have been following and no one was throwing pseudonymous contributors away (which I think contributor license agreements are nowadays doing).

I think I may have said something about people trusting each other with that information or it’s part of the community or something, while previously everyone was taught to not share your real name or face online (I am now 23, so back then I have been around 14-15 and it was before I first joined Facebook) so it possibly was a bit of a culture shock for me.

Back then I was known under a pseudony and my real name was different and my nickname and first name being the same is mainly happenstance that no one else had registered it on freenode and the GitHub account wasn’t very active so I was encouraged to request the name for myself.

I guess I went to ramble a bit about the past, on the topic, I think the developers can stay anonymous, but I would prefer to know them on some level (even if that mostly doesn’t happen anymore on IRC), so I think I am the same as your first reply to this thread.

I think I also need there to be enough of people trusting into the software with some being coders and cryptographers (of which I am neither) who can say that Signal/Riot/Wire/OMEMO is OK.

I think this discussion would also tie into

Sometimes I may be a bit too open for my own good or be open at wrong places.