Privacy Search Engine

I have researched on various search engines (not all) and couldn’t get which search engine is

  1. private and keeps no logs of location, search data, etc.
  2. Not 5/7 eye countries based
  3. No cookies

Search Engines tried and my concerns:-

  1. Google: Don’t Ask, Privacy Violated.
  2. Bing: Don’t Ask, Privacy Violated.
  3. DDG: 1) Hosted in US
    2) Violated Privacy Policies sometimes
    3) Knows My IP and Location
  4. Startpage: Recently bought a large stake by System1
  5. Searx: You have to trust the public instance
  6. Mojeek: Cookie found
  7. Metager: Cookie found
  8. Swisscows: Cookie found
  9. Qwant: Cookie found
  10. YaCy: (Unknown)
  11. Infinity Search: Multiple Cookies found

So, Can anyone please recommend me a good privacy search engine alternative?

Cookies are used for some site functionality.

What about just asking a friend to search for you and let the friend return the link back to you via secure messaging? That way, the search does not associate back to you specifically.

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Cookies are necessary for some things. And you can block them with browser settings and extensions.
Firefox set up as suggested in privacyTools, plus uBlock Origin, Nanodefender, Disconnect, Decentraleyes and HTTPS Everywhere should keep you covered for most websites.

I’d suggest Qwant overall.
As for SearX, yes you have to trust the instance. Just how you have to trust any other search engine…

As for myself, I use Ecosia. It’s not as privacy focused like other engines, but I’m overall hard to track, and my browser fingerprint is way too common to be a weak link (tested on I also put a lot more trust in european services, as our laws concerning privacy and security are significantly more meticolous, to the point of being nitpicky.

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That would make him online on messaging whole day :smile:

Isn’t Qwant under 9 eyes?

I have seen Searx, Swisscows and Ekoru not under anything. Anything about that?

But For Searx, I can’t trust some search instance.

I use Firefox with privacytools recommended plugins. Thanks.

If none of the above satisfy your needs you should probably consider self-host your own search engine. This is exactly what searx suggests in their website and it kinda looks like you’ve reached that point.

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Qwant is under French jurisdiction and the French government has supported them, their biggest controversy is supporting Article 13 (Don’t have source for that, but search it)

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Qwant is the most reliable among the search engines that aren’t self-hosted. It’s also open source, but like for any web service, you’ll have to trust that what you see on Github is what they use on their servers Qwant · GitHub.
I don’t find countries in the European Union to be an issue with “x eyes” due to the Union’s laws (and UK being out of the games), but it’s noteworthy that France does have a law to enforce key disclosure if a court decides so for the sake of “investigating crimes”. However, privacy friendly search engines like Qwant don’t store anything in the first place, so there’s nothing to decrypt.

If I had to choose countries for privacy friendly web services, I’d pick Italy and Germany, because they both have stricter laws than the Union concerning privacy and security, plus there’s no legal enforcement on handing over encryption keys.

SearX would be the best privacy-friendly option and you could self-host an instance yourself.

Otherwise, just don’t use a search engine at all.

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I see lots of people recommending Qwant but I personally favor Duckduckgo. Duckduckgo works better over Tor and shows less ads. Qwant shows way too many ads and rarely works over Tor. For the past two years it’s been spotty or not working at all. Just tried it now and it worked but still the ads and Duckduckgo offers:

html.duckduckgo (dot) com
safe.duckduckgo (dot) com

It’s for these reasons I choose Duckduckgo.

To be honest, it depends of where you come from. For european, Qwant in the best because most of the results are from french websites or from countries in Europe. For American, duckduckgo is the one to have but you won’t have good results if you search for something specific in french for example

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Personally, I experienced censored results in DuckDuckGo when using some controversial keywords (yes, even with filter off): if my search engine wants to manipulate my results, I’m not interested.

Plus it’s based in US. I’d rather use something hosted in Europe or in a neutral country.

Duckduckgo now has a v3 onion: https://duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion/

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