Privacy Presentation Slides?

Hi everyone. For work I have been asked to give an entry-level slideshow presentation about digital privacy and security. I’m planning to use a discussion of technological changes related to COVID19 (e.g. the rise of people using Zoom, etc) as a entry into a broader discussion of privacy plus some tips for people to start improving their privacy and security. However, the presentation is only 10 minutes long, so I won’t be able to cover all that much. My audience will be teaching support staff at a university, so, while some of them may be technologically savvy, the presentation will need to be given at a pretty basic/beginners level.

On that note, I was wondering if anyone has given a presentation like this before and might have slides that I could use as a starting point, or if anyone knows of any presentations like this that exist online? I’ve looked on Slideshare, but haven’t found much. I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts about what I should include in the lesson. It will be hard to cover much ground in 10 minutes, so I thought my outline would be something like:
1: Start with a question about technological change/adoption related to COVID19 in order to engage the audience.
2: Move into a discussion of some of the dangers associated with some services (e.g. Zoom-bombing, tracking, etc).
3: Describe why it is their individual responsibility to take care of these things, rather than relying on the institution to protect them./
4: Give a list of tips and tools to help them begin to improve their digital privacy and security practices.


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I started to make something similar for company I work for, but mainly focused on security. But since it’s my own initiative, and I have no due date, I can’t tell you when it will be completed. And it’s mainly copy -> paste from known resources. After I finish, I will share so it might be helpful.

I’m making both presentation and some sort of manual with much more details (though probably no one will read it)

I have to give my lesson some time this week, so probably before yours will be done, but I appreciate the offer anyway and would still love to see what you come up with. It probably makes sense more generally to start collecting and sharing these sorts of “Intro to digital privacy and security” presentations in order to make spreading the word easier.