Privacy Policies

okay it’s sounds weird & confusion beside iam not native english but it’s really blowing my mind so as u noticed iam not good at english & privacy polices are bad (making me confuse) so if there a something like term or table or anything to know if that privacy policy hurting my privacy ? like when i read that privacy policy collect sort of data that is bad & leave & when the privacy policy collect sort of data that is good & stay ?

Privacy and data protection are mostly based on laws and regulations. Privacy laws and regulations differ from country to country. So, there is no general “good or bad” in privacy policies since you have to consider all of these law topics. Even within the EU, data protection laws aren’t exactly the same since the GDPR allows customization to a defined degree.

You must also consider that a privacy policy is only a statement not a guarantee in the first place.

We published an article to help people identifying incomplete privacy policies:

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If you live outside of GDRP jurisdictions, I think it is reasonable to assume that the content of a company’s privacy policy is BS. I.e. they might include some pompous wording about privacy - but their end goal is to protect themselves and assist with PR/marketing.

Even Apple, which heavily uses “privacy” talking points in their marketing has a clause stating that they can share PII with 3rd parties for whatever reason. They say they do will only do it to “enhance your experience,” but I personally don’t find that in the least convincing. They have no reason to be honest.

yeah iam using it but for bad luck its not support all websites iam using