Privacy mail

hello, my question is this: i have an xbox one console obviously i need a microsoft account, you recommend me to continue with my outlook mail or put one with anonaddy and link it to a private mail.

I also have anonaddy accounts from netflix, amazon, steam, ea , etc.
I also have a gmail account that they ask me for my studies.

I don’t have any more amazon or netflix accounts and obviously I’m not going to delete my steam account with all the games I have.

Do I continue with all these accounts through anonaddy linking to outlook or did you link them all to a private mail?

In case the option is a private mail.
which one do you recommend?

I have seen many. Protonmail, mailbox, tutanota, ctemplar, posteo, etc

I would like to read your opinions with the one you use.

i would say new account won’t hurt! make a outlook account but link it with only MS stuff don’t use it for personal use like message friends! (for me i do this because sometimes i want to sign up with spam sites that blocks tempmail)


I agree with Esmail, If there’s no other way around having a Microsoft account, then create one for things where you can’t choose. For all other intents and purposes I recommend looking into something else e.g., ProtonMail, Tutanota, Posteo, Mailbox, etc

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