Privacy is physical health

So i have been into privacy for some months now. I synthesized what I know from the health world with privacy, and what I found is scary.

First of all , the “health cap” is real. We are vaccinated with dangerous chemicals that have 0 effect against disease. Our water is intentionally polluted with fluoride and heavy metals. Food is sprayed with dangerous pesticides.
Big tech also joins the party: frying our brain with heavy EMF pollution.

By installing custom rom, switching to linux, monitoring what goes on in my devices over wireshark- my health went up drastically! (less emf = more health= better brain function).
I can finally read and finish books after years.

Another reason privacy is health, - escaping the filter bubble and censorship.

Censorship is very very real today. maybe worse than china:
-try searching for information about vaccines, and all you find is fake articles about how safe they are.
-search for info about geoengineering, same happens.
-search about global warming same
-food: same
-air pollution: yep

Worse than censorship: you get a lie to quench your thirst for information.
sometimes they will throw a bunch of weird academic words to make you give up and “let the professionals handle it”…
Thus by being private and aware of the smoke screen, i finally managed to find the right information and treat myself.

I want to sincerely thank and everybody in this community for saving me from terminal disease., and pass my wisdom to those people who are beginning with privacy.
Thank you!!

Well stated - all of it. When I was reading your post and hit “wireshark”, I had to find out what it is and does - thank you! I’m checking it out - probbaly use it, but I hate the idea that I have to.


I personally don’t find this correlation between privacy and health. I believe that privacy is power, it allows you to only share with the world what you really intended to be shared and to prevent your private information from landing in the wrong hands and to be used against you.

I don’t share your conspiracy theories, but i support your goal (spreading wisdom about privacy, not misinformation about the other points).

yes, i totally agree with you.
if only doctors had privacy - they wouldnt be afraid of SLAPP lawsuits and would speak up!

and SLAPP lawsuiting is sooo easy when corporations have all that data about you… for sale!

Your Life Insurance Company
666 High Rollers Lane
Anywhere City. World Wide Web

Dear Mr. PrivacyParanoid,

It has been noted that during the weekend of (dd/mm/yy) you engaged in high-risk sports, namely sky-diving and again on (yy/ddd/mm) you engaged in extreme sports, that of cliff-diving and again on (mm/yy/dd) you engaged in rough sex.

As a Class 4a, Sub.c high-risk client, your premiums have been increased in accordance with our Terms of Use (Pg, 101, Section 65, Sub-section MXXIVI, Par. 17).

Please note your last premium of $18.50 will increase to $32.88 per month.

You may review your History by contacting Google Stalker Files or personal computer technical administrator. You are responsible for all Google legal fees, research and submissions.

If you find these terms unacceptable, then feel free to pound sand.

Do not reply as no one here cares.

Have a nice day,

Your insurance agent

p.s. Your cares, concerns, complaints may be filed using our online form at www.we-sell-you.kom (we are not responsible for 3rd party stalkers we contract with)

:joy: What a creative and funny reply. It really made me smile while taking me in the end back to the hard and cold reality we live in.

To be honest though i think i was referring to the physical health when i wrote the post and not to the health sector (and insurance by extension).

My tongue-in-cheek was to show just how anything can be turned against us. My using life insurance had nothing to do with your ‘health’ sector points. It was a Freudian slip using insurance to show that we are wide open, and we are supposed to like it. Your saying it made you smile was worth it.
I may have taken your point off topic - I blame it on a glitch in the Matrix…

But assume this. Photo radar shares it’s data with your auto insurance, life insurance, and boss. Why not? If you keep getting speeding tickets, maybe the insurer for your car should be informed of you being a riskier risk. Life insurer too - you might kill, yourself. Your boss? Well, anything negative you do outside the business still reflects upon the image of the business. See where this goes?

I’m not worried about IF, it will, but I’m trying ready for it, sidestep the surveillance/stalking SMRC system and still survive in a digital arena.

Lastly, apologies for taking your post off-topic. I have this thing where I will sometimes jump in, yammer on an on, sometimes even sounding like I might know a tad of what I’m talking about; as if we’ve all known each other for a long time.

A good one to ya