Privacy focused, Data secure task and project management tools vs. everdo vs. factro

The last weeks I have been trying to find good solutions for self management and project management. Maybe this can help you shorten your research. Moreover, I am wondering what you think about the following solutions and if you know of a better alternative

1. Kanban
Amazing tool! However, it does not focus on project or task management. It does offer a Kanban board but unfortunately it has a counter-intuitive filter logic in my opinion. You can create tags like “Work” or “On the phone” but if you select both it does not only show you the tasks which have both filters attributed to it but every single task with either tag, so it’s not really a filter in my opinion. They might change this in the future but as of right now this will hinder me to use it sadly.

2. Everdo
This one is based on Getting Things Done and can operate fully offline or with a local sync which you have to set up yourself or E2EE which you would have to purchase one time for around 70 Euro. It looks great but I am not sure if it is really that secure, maybe I am missing something here.

3. Factro
German and cloud based project management tool. Free for up to 10 people. It has all the functionalities but no E2EE. Potentially they could look at your data. Complies with GDPR.

What do you think of the options? Do you have a better one?

Looking forward to your input!

There are some self-hosted and cloud solutions like OpenProject, Taiga, Leantime…

Thanks for mentioning everdo and factro, I didn’t know about those two, look interesting

Just a small stupid question :joy:, why you need to pay if you are going to self-host them? :thinking:

I think Everdo only costs something if they take care of the E2EE for you. You can however sync it over local networks!

Update! on Cryptpad

Cryptpad has now made it possible to filter for tags in “or” and “and” functionality, meaning the original problem was solved.
Their service is now in by opinion the best you can find as it permits basically 360 degree self organisation including various other possibilities!
Very grateful for this and hoping it will find even more users!