Privacy Based Bookmark Managers


New here, so please be gentle. :slight_smile:

I am trying to ID a bookmark manager that is:

Not browser based but desktop based.

or if browser based:

Does not share data with 3rd parties
Allows you to choose where and how you store the data, i.e, you can store it encrypted in a neutral location like CH.

I have looked at Trove but not taken the plunge yet. Has anybody here used it?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Many thanks

Trove looks good, but I haven’t tried it (yet). I use Nextcloud for Bookmarks store & sync with floccus add-on for FF. The same account I use for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. It is not private, since I use 3rd party provider (Hetzner), but I doubt they’ll read and/or sell my data. The only concern I have is they might be target of cyber attack, though all the data I have there is not so important. Maybe contacts, but my contacts don’t care about privacy, and have probably exposed my info to entire world multiple times (there’s no way to prevent this), so I don’t care either

Aardvarks are nice if weird creatures.

As for desktop bookmark managers, the best I’ve found are the following, but that’s not saying much:

Ron’s Web Lynx
Stor URL

It seems nobody is interested in local bookmark managers anymore. It’s all sync, sync, online, online.

If anybody knows other such programs, please share.

Cheers crossroads, thanks for the info

Thanks Zlivovitch. I had a look at them, seem to be adequate to the job for Windows users.

Seems like a bit of old thread but I just wanted to way in here with something I recently took part in. The tool is called WebCull, we have taken a strong zero tracking, zero advertising approach. It’s our pledge and something we will not ever be backtracking on. Link:

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Thank you

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