Privacy at Home

I wrote my first blog for Startpage and wanted to share it with you all. This should give you some idea of what kind of stuff they have asked me to write and cover.

I am certainly looking forward to your feedback and or what tools you use to protect the privacy of your family members.

People say startpage is bad but one of the members worked with startpage how funny is that ? (chill, i’m joking)

Also if i were you buddy i would pick:

  1. Pihole (instead of AdGuard)
  2. Blockda (instead of Disconnect) Or Mullvad in case you will use VPN

I prefer AdGuard to PiHole. Have tried both and settled on AdGuard because I found it worked better.

Blakada is android only, so doesn’t help in our situation and for VPN we have ProtonVPN when necessary.

i just felt bad that you selected adguard over pihole because its closed source but then i searched and saw its open source too so yeah never mind i feel im dumb now :sweat_smile:

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Yes I am also surprised. How is this connection happening?

Team members aren’t under some obligation to only use the services provided. I trust startpage and prefer them to the others.

Simple as that.

Could you all please stop that? There are like 3 other discussion on Discourse and 2 on GitHub, I think there’s enough space already to talk about that subject and anyway it has already been informed in those places the measures that were taken.

It looks really cool Dan, it’s really nice to see that you get to work in a field you love, and the blog posts seems awesome. I don’t have kids, but I imagine that if you do that information is useful, although I find a bit hard that you can tame your kids if you don’t start to do these things at an early stage, I certainly wouldn’t know if I would have listened to my mum when I was a teenager and she would have told me something like this, lol. Otherwise, the idea of keeping it simple for them (UnGoogled Chromium instead of hardened Firefox, for example) and in some way “invisible” (because of the static ad-blocking, so they don’t have to be dynamically blocking ads, which will surely scare a lot of users) is really great, if we want to achieve certain goal for the tech illiterate you shouldn’t start by telling them to use Tor or to die.