Privacy and minimalism

I don’t know if others have any experience with it, but personally I have seen a lot of things in common between the privacy community and the minimalist community, things like removing social media, moving to linux and people recommending open-source apps to eachother.

Just a random thought I had, that removing social media and moving to linux etc. is actually something I’ve seen being recommended in both groups.

Could there be something in common?


commonalities, sure, but i don’t know how similar the goals are - just my $.02, but i think a lot of the minimalist peeps are focusing on just that; minimalism (is that a religion?), whereas i think the hard-core privacy hounds are kinda forced to become minimalists to some extent in order to gain some control over their privacy … maybe???

I, myself, actually got into minimalism after I went the whole privacy route, so I think there are actually some connections between both groups, just wanted to see if other people have had similar experiences or whatshowever. And I have to post something after I join this forum lol, I haven’t seen any threads like this before and just wanted to share something that was on my mind.

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Both these topics matter to me. :slight_smile: And it surprises me that minimalism isn’t suggested more often to reduce corporate surveillence. I think it would be a healthy direction to focus more on, for some people or groups.

Minimalism is a weird topic. The reason why privacy and minimalism cross is because privacy is minimal. Its doing your thing in a private place. Its expression. Minimalism is also expression.
Some good stuff on minimalism:

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I am now very curious about minimalist community. Can you provide a newbie a few starting links and forums?

I mostly just lurk the subreddits r/minimalism and r/digitalminimalism, the last one is probably where you’ll mostly find the things I’m talking about.


Great video, thank you for that. I personally express minimalism in the way of doing things in a way that lets me make the least choices possible, like reducing my clothes so I don’t have to choose every morning what to wear, or organizing files and deleting unnescessary files so I don’t have to spend time looking for it. In my personal opinion, minimalism is about simplifying your life so you don’t have to make as much choises in your daily life that waste your time.

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