Privacy 2019: Fixing a 16 year-old privacy problem in TLS with ESNI

This would be really nice to have in the future. it will help make censorship harder, but also make tor better.
Currently, the vast majority of the web already uses HTTPS and it is only growing. because of this, exit nodes won’t be able to alter your traffic, they are only able to see to which domain the traffic is going and which IP. With encrypted SNI, we will be able to reduce all exit nodes are able to see is encrypted gibberish going to some random IP, even the domain will not be known.

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At GitHub we have a report of successful use of ESNI to evade censorship, but at least South Korea is reported to be blocking ESNI entirely.

I also read the first part of that serie, Privacy 2019: Tor, Meek & The Rise And Fall Of Domain Fronting and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Microsoft Azure still supports domain fronting.

Do you know if Tor is currently working on ESNI using bridges or if that will follow after it gets standardized? I tried to look for issues, but I was confused by

I wouldn’t know honestly, the latest bridge tech I believe they are working on is snowflake, which is a successor to the flash proxy bridges, which will be using webRTC. I could hop onto the tor IRC and ask if people are interested.

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That reminds me of Embed Snowflake badge on main page or another for helping censored users? #295.