Presearch Search Engine

What are your thoughts on

Kinda feels like brave, also they collect our ip address and user agent

But they are open source right???

Yes but open sourse dosn’t mean they are private or secure someone should audit them

I don’t know, they require Google CAPTCHA for sign-ups, which is a big red flag. They try to load Google scripts from the get-go.

They are behind Amazon AWS which is another big red flag, and the social platform buttons advertised on the bottom of their site are all on proprietary platforms.

Duckduckgo uses them too

Duckduckgo is crap anyways. Plenty of Searx instances that pull from other engines, e.g. Startpage, which again pull from Google. Do that over Tor and/or an .onion domain and you should be good.

can i use searx as my main search engine in the search bar
if possible how

Click the ••• in the URL bar, just to the left of your add-ons and Add search engine.

thanks a lot

I found DuckDuckGo to filter some results and censor certain keywords, especially if controversial (filter mode disabled). It’s also based in US and uses a collection of search engine APIs.

Personally I’d go with Qwant. It uses its own web crawler and it’s based in France. Here in Europe, privacy laws are quite restrictive. It also has a dark mode setting.
Searx is open source and self hostable, but that also means it’s a bit intricate, and you have to trust the host.
Startpage picks results from Google, and sold to an american company. Probably the most vulnerable here to filter bubbles and profiling.

Another, non-privacy focused but still respectful, search engine that might be recommended is Ecosia. A personal favourite, they’re a non-profit company and the revenue goes towards planting local trees, fighting deforestation and mantaining the service. Based in Berlin (Germany) too. I use the Dark Reader extesion in whitelist mode, to make Ecosia in dark mode.