Precautions when required to use Google and FB

It’s sad to say but my school requires us to use Google Meet for distanced learning. Google Docs, Classroom and Drive goes with that. The cherry on top is that our teachers need us to have Facebook Messenger too cause they occassionally need to talk to us there.

What I’ve Done:

• Kept all the evil on my iPad.
• iPhone is clear of Google and Facebook.
• I have configured a DNS for both devices. I use the OISD Blocklist.
• Made sure device’s privacy settings are A-OK.

Both devices used to be under one Apple ID and used to have the same Google and Facebook products that shared accounts. Does that pose any risks? Should I factory rest my phone?

The blocklist I use also prohibits me from using the Google/Fb apps I need, anyone know of what’ll allow me to still use what I need but without being tracked indefinitely by Google and Facebook?

If it were up to me, I just wouldn’t use these services at all. Alas, life is unfair.
I’d appreciate any more tips. Thanks for reading!

Hello @YrOLsp

if you have laptop pr desktop you can use one browser for things related to google and facebook

and another browser for your other things

for me i use firefox and brave

Ha, right.

I used to have Chrome and Firefox on my work computer so whenever my colleagues would need to access the web from my computer, they’d use Chrome (as that’s the only browser digital illiterates know and believe it’s good) and ignore Firefox entirely (and setup History+Cookie deletion on exit).

Another interesting thing is that on PC browsers that support extensions, you could use something like Facebook Container and Google Container to keep your identity isolated from the rest of your browsing.

Look into ways explained on on how to reduce fingerprinting of your browser as much as possible, and you got yourself a good solution to the problem.

If you use Firefox, you can make it easy on yourself by using a container.

I’m currently re-working that page with a few updates based on suggestions from the community, and personal research:

With the Firefox Multi-Account Containers you can make a container for your google stuff.

Temporary Containers are good for everything else. There is an article about it here:

Mobile platforms tend to have less options in regard to privacy. With iOS you can’t run a browser that has really useful privacy enhancing plugins like these two. Safari isn’t that bad by default however - but there is still room for improvement. The other main thing I would suggest is the privacy.firstparty.isolate about:config option.

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Isn’t Firefox Mobile for iOS equivalent to the Android version? Both have only an handful of whitelisted extentions, but better than nothing.

I unfortunately do not have access to a laptop or PC. It sucks, I really am limited to the capabilities of an iPhone and an iPad. If there are more things I could do aside from what I’ve already done, please let me know. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go out of topic, I just want to say I greatly appreciate all the work that’s been put into PTIO. Been sharing it like a madman to everyone in the family and a couple of friends. It isn’t necessarily easy to get people to take it seriously, but hey I got atleast 4 people to get Signal!


No it’s not. Apple mandate it must use the Webkit component, and therefore there is no support for addons, or extensions.

Recently an updated version (Fenix) was released for Android. It somewhat diverges from the desktop version in regard to container support.

Keep in mind that cross-browser tracking exists. So using different web browsers on the same device may be useless in some use cases. (See for details ← and this is already 3 yrs old.)

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thanks and i agree to that

and have a nice day