Potential drawbacks of using AuroraStore?

What are some of the practical disadvantages of using AuroraStore and their anonymous login instead of going your normal Google Account route? I’ve just purchased an Android One device and I’m not really all that keen on creating a Google account as I’m not invested in their ecosystem and don’t really care for their services. That being said, I do need a few apps from the Play Store as well as convenient method to keep everything updated with minimal amount of upkeep. I’m planning on this being my daily driver so a high degree of stability is important. If anyone has any thoughts or experience, it’d be much appreciated.

Sometimes it will try to update apps installed via F-Droid if they have the same ID and the version on the Play Store is newer, which is annoying.

I understand this can be solved by explicitly making F-Droid ignore them, by checking “Ignore All Updates” under the application’s information page as described here.

You can ignore them in F-Droid, but I’d want the opposite personally. i.e. I want to update with F-Droid and ignore them in Aurora, which AFAIK is not possible?

Aurora is good though, you shouldn’t have an issue. There’s just going to be a lot more apps in Aurora that use things like Google Play Services, Facebook Analytics, etc. compared to F-Droid of course. Be careful with what you download.

Yeah I know.

I usually look through Exodus Privacy reports before downloading anything and use some sort of firewall or lying DNS resolver such as NextDNS to block whatever (for the most part mainstream and innocuous) trackers come through. My main concern lies in whether AuroraStore breaks any significant Google Terms of Service, will it keep my logged in, give my any grief while trying to update my apps etc. Also, it not being a system app, I understand it can’t auto-update either.

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