Poll: What is your favorite everyday Browser?

I almost always use Tor Browser. Unless I really need a site to work, an article for school as an example.

My internet connection is already pretty poor, so I can’t really tell the difference. Tor is pretty enjoyable for me.

Waterfox - Spyware Level: High

interesting if true, and it appears to be

what they’re calling spyware though is phoning home, update checks, telemetry, etc. - a lot of the same stuff that Firefox does - but in my book some of that is indeed spyware and users i’m sure do not expect this from Waterfox

Do you also enjoy solving a shitload of Google reCAPTCHAs?

I mostly use safari in my Macbook. But in my PC I use chrome as in my PC there is Window OS installed. After using both of these I found that safari can’t establish a secure connection to server while chrome don’t have this kind of issue. But then after I will recommend SAFARI and not any other web browser if you are using MacBook.

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Try Firefox and never come back.

I use Firefox and Pale Moon.

Firefox never had any reason to use anything else.

Firefox with ghacks user.js