Poll: What is your favorite everyday Browser?

I almost always use Tor Browser. Unless I really need a site to work, an article for school as an example.

My internet connection is already pretty poor, so I can’t really tell the difference. Tor is pretty enjoyable for me.

Waterfox - Spyware Level: High

interesting if true, and it appears to be

what they’re calling spyware though is phoning home, update checks, telemetry, etc. - a lot of the same stuff that Firefox does - but in my book some of that is indeed spyware and users i’m sure do not expect this from Waterfox

Do you also enjoy solving a shitload of Google reCAPTCHAs?

I mostly use safari in my Macbook. But in my PC I use chrome as in my PC there is Window OS installed. After using both of these I found that safari can’t establish a secure connection to server while chrome don’t have this kind of issue. But then after I will recommend SAFARI and not any other web browser if you are using MacBook.

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Try Firefox and never come back.

I use Firefox and Pale Moon.

Firefox never had any reason to use anything else.

Firefox with ghacks user.js

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Tree Style Tab ties me to Firefox, the Chromium equivalent Sidewise tab just doesn’t compete and I don’t think it’s even open source. I cannot use a desktop browser without it anymore.

Ungoogled chromium mostly. Websites are really dropping firefox compatibility nowadays,

P.S. I rarely use a web browser

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People use brave more than tor browser?!?!

Tor is not that convenient if you’re browsing clearnet.

and they use it for tor as well, losing some amazing protections that the Tor Browser gives them. I do use tor occasionally.

what if your internet is censored? what about big tech companies that wants your data? what about fingerprinting? tor isn`t just a tool for accessing dark web

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You’re right, but Tor is too slow for everyday normal “productive” use.

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