Poll: What is your favorite everyday Browser?

Waterfox also supports unsigned Extensions, which are a security risk. it also supports NPAPI plugins, which are a security hazard.


I use a combination of Tor, regular Firefox, Chromium, and Brave Browser. As some of you have said, you can use Tor for everyday browsing, but I do have an issue with its speed at times. I suppose that’s a tradeoff for anonymity?


I use FireFox for work, brave for personal stuff.

I hadn’t yet heard of Bromite! Just might test that out (I test out practically everything, even bloatware).

If you use Qubes, what browser is included with it? (Or which do you recommend?)

Firefox in privat mode, and never login, anywhere. Also with about:config tweaks from privacytools, and some addons like CanvasBlocker, ClearURLs, CSS Exfil Protection, Decentraleyes, HTTPZ, uBlock Origin.

TOR: sometimes, when no VPN is available, or just to check if it got a bit faster.

Brave: when I’m curious if something changed b/c of an update, or as spare browser when someting is wrong with a firefox certificate. Well, bad things happen to the best. FF is still the best browser!

Safari: for logging in, using Apple’s keychain (laptop and phone). Safe & easy.

and last but not least: also Firefox Focus on phone.

#Compartmentalization is a must!

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When more people will start using TOR, it will become faster? After some reading here, I will use TOR more often. Indeed, no more tweaking. Sounds great to me.

Maybe the perfect out-of-the-box browser after all.


(removed pgp signing)

I would replace httpz with https everywhere tho, its more secure because it works with a whitelist.


I’d never heard of HTTPZ. Been using HTTPS Everywhere for quite some time now.

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Firefox all the way. It’s (relatively) well supported and has fast updates.

It helps that I’ve been using it since Firebird 0.6. I remember switching from Netscape 4.8, it was like night and day.


internet explorer 6.0


Firefox for everything everywhere cept for Android where i use Privacy Browser

that’s one reason i prefer HTTPZ actually - it doesn’t depend on lists - it attempts to load all http as https and warns the user if it can’t (stops loading and presents a prompt - set in options)

Firefox for everything. If something only works, for example agar.io is only optimized to run code in Chromium browsers, so Brave.

If Firefox does something naughty (Mr. Robot, extension certificate debacle, etc), I run to Brave. If both truly are doing bad, Tor and Pale Moon await.

Chromium still phones home to Google and also lags at least 1 version number behind, even in major Linux distributions. Brave has been the only Chromium based browser with the most frequent updates.

Firefox is my main browser. I also have Chromium as a backup (since Ungoogled Chromium was too hard to install). I wouldn’t recommend clone browsers (Pale Moon, Waterfox, etc.) since they are usually behind in security updates. Tor browser would be usable if I didn’t have to deal with endless CAPTCHAs and slow internet.

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Does Chromium count as Chrome? :rofl:

Chrome is based on chromium, so yes.

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It was good to make the switch, since AOL bought out Netscape, and Netscape hated AOL. They called AOL a service for idiots, and they’re right, it was a service that catered to that audience. Many others felt that way too, mostly because you could easily get a AOL CD with your recently purchased PC at Best Buy, or other shops.

i always referred to it as the Army Of Losers :slight_smile: … not very nice, but yeah, it certainly catered to the technically challenged - i think seeing that garbage running on someones computer was one of my first experiences with horribly invasive advertising and manipulation of public opinion

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Reminds me of this: AOL parody sound clips video - if you think YouTube is evil, it’s on Invidious too. :laughing: