Poll: What is your favorite everyday Browser?

  • Firefox
  • Tor
  • Brave
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge

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i’m using firefox, tor browser & ungoogled chromium so yeah
firefox for daily usage, tor for browsing bad websites & ungoogled chromium for google services

Chrome, Edge, and Safari at 0%? I’m so proud of this community.


only firefox except for two sites where I have problems with my addons and use brave browser.

I use Firefox and Chrome, and sometimes would download Tor Browser but not have it permanently on all my machines.

Chrome for work internal sites and for watching DRM-ed streaming sites, since sadly I’ve not figured out how to set it up properly on Fedora (Firefox on macOS works fine).

For anything non-video I actually prefer using Firefox with the unofficial Google Container (forked from the Facebook container).

  1. firefox have DRM too
  2. you can make “profiles” in firefox to do that (like profile for watching & another for websites)
  3. Google Container forked from Facebook container which is forked from containers that made by firefox so yeah firefox have containers in settings but it’s off by default
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Why aren’t any of the Firefox forks listed? Eventually Firefox will spy on its users, it’s only a matter of time

forks will do too :stuck_out_tongue:

I primarily use Tor on my laptop since I’m almost always on Tails. I use Privacy Browser on Android but also use Tor on censored networks.

bravo! :clap: :clap:

on my desktop im using firefox (+librefox) and on my phone fennec

Firefox for personal use, Chromium for work, Tor for when I need that little extra

Firefox and bromite.
Firefox for pretty much everything on laptop. Bromite mostly on Android.

Firefox for personal stuff, and research for school papers. Anything that doesn’t work well on Firefox I’ll use Brave. Both are always open.

I tend to stick with Pale Moon and sometimes Firefox Nightly for newer or more features, but if I must, I’ll go to Brave or I might switch to a uBlocked Iridium instead of Chromium.

On mobile, I’m still trying Brave vs Bromite vs Lynket vs Firefox Nightly vs Firefox Focus and questioning how truly privacy-respecting kiwi is with its quite amazing dark mode and features on mobile, possibly second to only the dark mode extension available for Pale Moon.

There is a fork listed: tor browser.

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Firefox with a little Tor sprinkled in.

Vivaldi with uMatrix as an everyday browser, and Tor when strong privacy is needed.

Yeah, I know, not “private”. But I got sick and tired of Firefox taking out features, not adding obviously needed ones, and Mozilla generally behaving as obnoxious do-gooders lording it over their users.

The last straw was when Firefox started freezing my PC because of memory hogging. Vivaldi is also liberal with other people’s RAM, but I didn’t encounter similar freezes. And the devs really understand the sort of features power users want.

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I use firefox for anything that needs more advanced features. surf with tabbed for anything otherwise.
I really like qutebrowser as well, but I just tend to use what i’m used too…

There’s no evidence of that, and indeed that would be contrary to their incentives and mission as a non-profit.

Firefox forks have little focus on security, and when security updates do occur they are usually significantly later than the official Firefox ones.

Not to mention that forks like Waterfox and Palemoon are both using technologies and code that aren’t maintained by Mozilla anymore, so without a dedicated security team, they are a risky proposition.

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