Poll: Music - Streaming / Purchase, What to do?

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The most anonymous solution I can think of is buying CD at a store in cash.

But I don’t think that this is the most common solution.
I am curies what you are doing to listen to music.


I have to admit, I mostly use apple music


If on Android, Musicpipe is great, I can stream audio only from YouTube, accessed over tor.

If you want to support artists, try to find a way to buy directly from them either at shows or on their website. This will often be more private and retail stores often take a bigger cut than the artist when you buy through them.

(blacklight447) #4

If I can purchase it DRM free, then iIdo that, if not, I yar-har-diddily-day it through a VPN (I don’t want people to start blocking Tor.)


I generally purchase and then do P2P sync across devices using Syncthing.

I tried a bunch of self-hosted solutions (Funkwhale, Airsonic), but the configuration (Nginx, SSL) was a bit too much for me. All the solutions I tried also had various annoying UI/UX issues.

I used GPM (for uploaded music) for a long time before I decided it’s time to get rid of Google services whenever possible.

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The easiest and most private option is sadly pirating it with Torrent or Usenet.

However buying directly from the artist if they have a site or buying from DRM free sites like bandcamp.com and 7digital.ca is what I do half the time.

I have my music on my desktop and then copied over to my dedicated FiiO player which is what I mainly use to listen with.


I usually just use iHeartRadio. But occasionally I use newpipe to download from YouTube. Got a bunch of audiobooks that way.

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Honestly i use spotify , unfortunately nothing really beats it for price to amount of music, they have EVERY single song Ive wanted to listen to even the most obscure music.

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(Dan) #9

Bandcamp is pretty great

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If you’re anti-YouTube/Pandora, you could try a decentralized alternative like PeerTube or BitChute. I’ve also been using Invidious (which is a YouTube front-end) lately. What do others think?


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(The original penGNUin) #12

I’m in a similar boat to blacklight. My favorite platform has to be bandcamp, they are great with both DRM-free downloads and streaming, if I want to use their website/app. I also recently bought my first album at https://junodownlad.com as I couldn’t find it in CD quality elsewhere.


Syncthing! One of the long list of networks I’d like to test out.


I would only purchase music from bandcamp, and other drm-free vendors. Of course I also would say that If I’m trying to buy and enjoy a product that restricts me. Then I would look to finding a cracked release of that product.


Ironically DRM encourages piracy, already Digital Rights Management treats the consumer like a criminal. I purchased the product, I own it. If I can’t be able to do what I want with my purchase, then I’ll grab a version that has been cracked. You can have a product without DRM, and have it sell good. Recently Microsoft is planning on shutting down their ebook service. As a result, books that people purchased, will be gone. This is why DRM is bad, and does nothing to stop piracy.

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I totally agree! Just thought the picture was funny haha