Poll: Messengers in use

  • Signal
  • Wire
  • Riot
  • Telegram
  • Vibor
  • TorChat
  • Bleep
  • Keybase
  • Wickr
  • Threema
  • Briar
  • Cwtch

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If I missed one please tell me.

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We are using Wire at work, and I brought a lot of my family over to it, away from WhatsApp.

A lot of friends use Threema, so thats why I use it.
And signal is the place where most of the other Privacy enthusiasts are.

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Briar, Cwtch, Ricochet

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(blacklight447) #4

yeaaah, briar is really cool.


added them, but it retested the votes.

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(Mikaela Suomalainen) #6

I would rename Riot as Matrix which is the protocol and I am missing my primary protocol, XMPP for which I mainly use Gajim on desktop and Conversations on Android. I would also add IRC where I will probably be stuck forever…

I am guessing that you aren’t interested in listing WhatsApp, Messenger and Discord?


I would change those things… but as I recognized a little too late, changing something in the original post removes all the votes… but I agree Matrix would have been better and yes I missed xmpp and irc.

Yes I originally hat WhatsApp and Messenger in there but decided to go without them.
Discord inst an Messaging Platform for me. more a forum.

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(Mikaela Suomalainen) #8

Are you also confusing Discord and Discourse by any chance?


I know the difference but their names! :crazy_face:
I do have to think when talking about them more than I would like.

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unfortunately all my friends use telegram.
i hope one day we will switch to wire or signal.

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Gotta get people off Telegram!

Potentially, where PTIO recommends a product, we could have a list of simple reasons to give to less privacy conscious contacts to prompt them to move?

(Paula) #12

What’s the question here?
Which ones do we use or which ones do we like, prefer or recommend for privacy reasons?


Renamed the Topic, so it is more clear.

I meant in use.

thanks for the question.

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Also TwinMe and I just signed up for BBMe which is looking good. Some xmpp as well but much less lately.

(Jose A: Leon) #15

Sometimes you only need some simple and fast app like Kontalk. And I hope they add omemo soon.

(Zachariah ) #16

Signal wherever I can. But the sad reality is that often enough it’s already progress if I convince some people to use WhatsApp instead of Telegram (progress because of the better encryption).

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Signal, and about to roll out Nextcloud Talk to my small group of users. Not the most glamorous app, but will get me off WhatsApp once and for all.

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Telegram, riot, discord, irc, delta chat

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I’ve heard some good things about Briar, but have yet to use it. What does the community think?

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Oh yeah - I use WeeChat for IRC. How about you?