Poll: Headphone Wired or Bluetooth?

Do you listen your music in Bluetooth or wired with your headphone? Any reason?

  • Wired
  • Bluetooth

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As with everything it depends, but I carry my aaple airpods around all the time.

I am an iOS user, but I even know a couple android users that got them because they do have the best battery life and connectivity.

But when I prefer to use speakers so at my workplace and at home when I am not bothering someone else I use speakers.

Ah and the reason for Bluetooth:
I like how small the packaging is to carry them around, and the convenience of not having to worry about cables. (that’s why I like speakers as well…)

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Aren’t you afraid about the Bluetooth very close to the brain? The airpods are linked together L and R, and it pass through the brain. It scares me…

My wired headphone is still excellent. No need to change. In the car I use BT.

Edit: ‘wired’ added

Well I guess I am not. and there are a couple of reasons for that.
but most of them would be on the lines of:
“If not xyz would potentially kill me first I would change something reading the elector magnetic radiation from the Bluetooth devices…”

So I guess those would be arguments on a more emotional level and I would call them irrational, so I wont bother.

I never use bluetooth devices, those things do nothing more then adding attack surface.

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that is true. and funnily enough I draw the line between my keyboard and my mouse. The keyboard needs to be wired and the mouse is fine wireless for me.

For me who play FPS sometimes I prefer wired mice.

I use a pair of b&o h6, nothing beats a pair of wired headphones for sounds quality, also i hate recharging things.

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see the new samsung airpods :stuck_out_tongue:

I am fully wired everything.

I do allow devices that have bluetooth (FiiO M7, Nintendo Switch) but don’t use that feature and avoid it as much as possible. If I do use the feature, I try to make sure there isn’t any WiFi around.

Any particular reason?

@tyb0 are you asking me that?

If so, then I just don’t trust Bluetooth as a technology. It has had many vulnerabilities over the years. I’m not the biggest fan of WiFi either, I do as much through Ethernet as possible, and wired tech.

They are just something that has generally been easier to attack and is a main focus for certain peoples to use.

So it’s all about security, not health right?

That’s correct. I’m sure there are health concerns however, seems everything can kill you lol

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True. I have a tumor in my brain and i’m asking if tech helps to give me that… I’m wondering if there is a link, maybe brain tumor will be the principal cause of sickness in 100 years because of electromagnetic waves and everything.