[Poll] Does your WLAN SSID end to _nomap?

I am curious on whether other people are also using _nomap suffix to opt-out of multiple WiFi Positioning System. Personally I worry about the chance of someone knowing my SSID (due to screenshot where it happens to be visible or similar) and general location being able to use a service like WiGLE into my home/similar location.

  • I use _nomap
  • I don’t use _nomap
  • I didn’t know about _nomap
  • I don’t use WLAN

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The problem results in control with my ISP’s provided equipment. Which is one of the reasons why I enjoy buying my own modem and router, or Modem/Router. I can’t even change the DNS settings, because the DNS settings section isn’t present with the firmware. I really hate Comcast/Xfinity, because of the lack of understanding with networking. There customer support team is full of dolts that need to constantly read off of a instruction manual. During my time in a computer lab, I did have to connect to an access point that had its SSID hidden. That was the only time I ever did connect to a hidden network.

I also cannot change the DNS settings on my router and I think it’s a common feature with 4G (in Finland it’s often cheaper than cable and faster than DSL and usually unlimited other than having CGN) modems (I have to use it in router mode for IPv6 to work).

I don’t care though, because I use encrypted DNS locally on every device that matters, it would be nice though as that could trigger visiting Android 9+ devices to automatically attempt encrypted DNS with provider chosen by me, while currently I just have to hope that my WISP will start supporting DoT.

I have also came across interesting networks that have option to change DNS servers for IPv4 (which luckily works for Android 9), but not IPv6 and just passing the ISP IPv6 upstream DNS servers directly.

I forgot about hidden networks while asking the question, but they are a privacy problem due to causing the devices to ask whether SSID is present everywhere making them/you more trackable and using more battery and as there probably isn’t any reason to do it, maybe it doesn’t matter that much.