I suggest considering this as a recommendation. I’ve been a beta tester since soon after it began in Feb 2019 and also run a node. For an overview, checkout the post at https://pocketnet.app/nodechampion?s=73b0bd8bdff7ba328de6ea859e6b1fdc0385167f4a2895968e772a32dd5d393a . That user also has excellent posts about setting up nodes and drafting articles.

First thing I notice is the site has no privacy policy, at least not that I can find easily.

Second, and not one that always means someone is bad but the site uses google tracking code. It emphasis privacy of the project on the homepage while not respecting privacy itself.

Also, it appears, imo, to be just another way for someone to profit off “decentralizing” a social network without offering something that’s needed.

In the white paper there is a section about privacy at https://pocketnet.app/docs/Pocketnet%20Whitepaper%20Draft%20v2.pdf . There is a section about privacy in the FAQ at https://pocketnet.app/help

The website is unimportant. Pocketnet has a browser version which they themselves don’t recommend, because it can be easily blocked by the powers that shouldn’t be. What’s going on when running the desktop app is most important for privacy. Did you detect any tracking code while running the app? I will let them know the google tracking code on their website is a problem for privacy concerns.

There is no company or leader to profit. Just a volunteer development team working on the OS code that runs it.

Thanks for the link to the privacy policy.

Speaking for myself only, I won’t touch this project based on their comments about racism, free speech, and “snowflakes.” It’s going to run into the same issue Gab, and Minds has and be overrun by neo-nazis and fascist sympathizers, if it ever gets off the ground.

When you’re stance against racism is “don’t be racist, but also the other side thinks everyone’s racist” what you’re saying is, “racism is fine, but just don’t use the n-word.”

Curation is by the community based on the minimal standards. The bar is very high and code is in place to prevent coordinated actions, especially by users without established reputation. There is considerable community resistance to starting on the slippery slope of censorship. There is code in place to identify bots which has been tested. Haven’t seen anything other than obvious bots getting hidden, but those accounts and posts remain, immutable and still accessible, if you know their address. None of that is an issue for privacy which seems to be the purpose of PrivacyTools.

Speaking for myself only, this suddenly makes me very intererested in that project ! I’m off to checking it, thanks !