Pinebook Pro Available for Pre-order

Not sure how I beat @blacklight447 to sharing this news, but the Pinebook Pro is now available for pre-order. $200. “Switches” for disabling webcam, wifi, mic. Check it out:

@blacklight447, i’ve heard you talk about this in the past, but to clarify, it seems that the privacy safeguards are pretty good for this laptop? Especially with the CPU being ME/other firmware blob free?

Thank you very much for info

A notable feature of the Pinebook Pro is its “privacy switches”, which come in the form of three keys on the keyboard — F1, F2, and F3 — that offer shortcuts to privacy features. Press any of the keys for 10 seconds and the firmware cuts the power, respectively, to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module, the webcam, and the device mics.


Speaking of operating systems, the Pinebook Pro will support multiple Linux distributions, as well as Chromium OS and Android 9. However, it ships with a custom build of Linux Debian, which features local video playback up to 4K at 30 frames per second and Netflix at a 1080p resolution in the Chrome browser.

The Pinebook Pro joins Purism in becoming a privacy-focused Linux laptop for the tech-savvy crowd. It’s also a much cheaper option than Dell’s Ubuntu Linux laptops, which target a different segment of the developer hardware market.

are there BLOBs? Can I install stock Debian?