Pass as your password manager?

I just knew about pass (it’s something like script and all i know it’s for linux but i think it can be used on other system too) it’s simple, it encrypts your passwords using pgp and even got otop option so i was wondering about your thoughts and why no one talk about it?

Usability depends on the user. Most “normal” users are likely overwhelmed when they need to use the command line.

Yes, and this means it has most of the drawbacks and vulnerabilities of GnuPG.

Some websites mention pass as a password manager. However, as mentioned above, it lacks usability for most “normal” people and it comes with the problems of GnuPG. You can avoid both by simply using a well-known password manager like KeePass/KeePassXC or Bitwarden.

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so let me get it right, people does not know talk about it because it’s cli and because it got same vulnerabilities as pgp, am i right? i mean is there anything else or just these?