Outdated project link at the end of TOOLS section on privacytools.io

The site I am talking about is the one here.

The site repeatedly advice’s for multiple devices and OS systems, to be using cryptocat.
Well as some might know. That project has been dead for a while.

It also reccommends you use chatsecure for both iOS AND android.
I am not sure if progress is still being made on the iOS side but for android it has been a bonded for quite some time now.

At the general privacy section of the ANDROID devices.
Orweb is still being mentioned, that app has been out of order for quite some time now correct?

" For savvy users, K-9 and APG let you send encrypted emails."
APG is what people had to use before openkeychain and probably even F-Droid came along.

I see this site was / is a positve effort but has probably just been on the back mind of whomever created it.

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