Our new email page is now live!

Dear PrivacyTools community, after a lot of work during the past few months, we are proud to present our new email page.

It now comes with a neat criteria section, and a ton of other information. Major shout out to our team member daniel for being the driving force behind this assignment :slight_smile:

Go take a look and enjoy!


All thoughts and feedback are really appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Great! Looks much better than before, it was really simplistic and now has lots of details.

By the way, is there and order from best to worst for providers to be listed or is it just random? If it’s random, would you consider doing it alphabetically?

Also, the logo of mailcow appears all black to me. Does someone else sees it like that?


It is at random, but good idea about being alphabetical, ill put that in my to do notes. :slight_smile:

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Do you think there are plans for creating separate categories for e-mail forwarders and disposable e-mails?
I know some of the basic criteria should be applied too, but they also need specific things to accomplish on their own fields.
I ask this because the issue that discussed this was closed in favor of the new page.

could you just fix URL ? (from: https://privacytools.io/providers/email/​ to https://privacytools.io/providers/email/) also it looks good, happy for ya

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I think forwarders are there currently as cloakers and I don’t know about disposable emails.

https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/#cloaking currently seems to be just AnonAddy though.

I’m getting a 404 when I click the link in the OP, because it links to https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/%E2%80%8B

The proper link works fine: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/

Almost forgot: Great job!


Yes, I know they are under that name, that’s just how I call them. I know that Anonaddy is listed, too, but I think they deserve their own category since there are a few differences on how they work, or maybe to list e-mail forwarders and disposables together.

It is good to see mailbox.org on the email page. I have been using it for about 3 years. I have found it really good.

Will SimpleLogin fit in the cloaking services category? I’m using it and wonder if it’s on par with AnonAddy in terms of privacy.

They currently do not meet the security criteria, therefore can’t be listed. Nevertheless, I have spoken with the main dev and he told me he is doing the proper modifications to the website to be able to be listed.
If everything goes as planned, the service will be listed.