Other Linux Distros to Try (for a beginner)


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I’m fairly new to Linux and have been using Ubuntu for a year or so. Prior to that, I used Whonix, and am testing out Tails as well. Does anyone have suggestions for a “stepping stone” from Ubuntu to experiment with other distros?

I’m just the type of person who likes to try out different software and/or hardware.

(Vic) #2

I recommend Debian. It’s free (as in freedom) and a very robust GNU/Linux distro. I think it shouldn’t be hard for a beginner (although some might disagree), specially if you already have experience with Ubuntu.

They have a very big community (as many other distros) and mostly anything that already worked for Ubuntu will work also in Debian (Ubuntu is based in Debian).

Definitely look around the internet, there is a lot of information on different GNU/Linux distros.


Maybe try Solus if you’re into gaming and want something modern and stable.

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I started with Ubuntu, and then switched to Linux Mint for a bit, then back to Ubuntu. I was with Ubuntu from 16.04 to 19.04 and just this week moved to Fedora.

I thought Mint was a great place to start and it’s actually what my son uses.

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Im personally useing Pop! os and really enjoying it, its built on ubuntu so its pretty easy to get the hang of

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gentoo on hard mode.

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