Orfox, TorBrowser, Tor browser Alpha Which is the best among these?

I am looking for the safest browser on Android. And I thought that Tor is good for the market. Which is the best? In terms of privacy and security. Also, should I customize “about: config” along privacytools.io?

In general, use Tor Browser without modifying anything for better privacy. However, there is never 100% anonymity, security, or privacy.

In terms of security, use Tor Browser since Orfox is unmaintained and based on an outdated version of Firefox ESR. On the other hand, Tor Browser Alpha is “alpha” as the name implies: It can contain lots of bugs and may be unstable.

So, just stay with an unmodified Tor Browser.

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However, the search engine that was initially set at Tor browser was Google. Is this a really perfect browser?

Is this a really perfect browser?

As stated above, there is no perfect web browser. Tor Browser can’t offer 100% anonymity, Tor Browser can’t offer 100% privacy, and Tor Browser can’t offer 100% security. It is based on Firefox ESR, so it contains security vulnerabilities like every piece of software.

the search engine that was initially set at Tor browser was Google

Actually, most of the DNS traffic within the Tor network is resolved by Google and other companies like CloudFlare. Furthermore, Google financially supports the Tor Project for years. So, there is much more Google involved.

Regarding search engines: There is also no “perfect” solution here. Some people indirectly use Google via Startpage, others like DuckDuckGo. Then, some people use Searx.

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I found the case on android. Furthermore, it depends on the language of your android. If you set it to English, and download+ install the browser in that environment, the default search engine will be duck duck go. If your default language is not English, I recommend to set the browser’s language to English and set ddgo from the available list as default.