Orbot question

Hello i am bit confused about the use of orbot in my degoogled android phone

is it privacywise risky to route frost / and other social media via tor network?

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orbort like that little window open before tor browser open after it in you PC. it used to open tor in your phone to use tor browser so yes its wise

i know how to setup and use it , i dont know if its good to use for social media i have webapps which im logged , so no problem of logging but if i use the apps via the tor network will compromise my identity with the other traffic i have on tor?

Well, yes

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oh wait, what i have done :joy: i felt something missing and i was right. by thinking it now i can say “well yes but actually no” why ? because you not only one who uses tor (the node i mean), when people said do not login using tor it just because to prevent site itself know its you but other traffic ? i could say they can identify you but with less chance because you not only one who use it

we can talk from browser level and we all know tor uses it’s tweaks to stop tracking as much as they can so im not sure if site can get your device id or any identifiers from your phone to tide it back but about cookies im not sure too because it act like normal firefox that all cookies mixed so maybe cookies can identify you but not as same as we expect so like just lets say 10 out of 20 or less chance to know its real you and guess your other traffic so its complicated but after giving it other think i can say use it its fine

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im thinking about route all phone’s traffic via netguard first and orbot all the time

im not sure but both uses vpn so you cant ?

you can , you exclude orbot from netguards rules and you point netguards socks5 proxy and port to orbot, but the catch is that you need first establish orbot connection and then activate netguard, if not one of the two will crash, but after that you are solid

(also after you establish connection with both you cant open netguard nor orbot cause it will crash but if you dont it will be solid)

if you can it will be awesome. pihole + tor proxy (something like it, i get it) so yeah it will be cool and i recommend it and as i said maybe only thing which will identify you it’s the cookies that know you visited other sites by fb share buttons and all of that and ofc the app itself it will know its you over “VPN” but you ask about if app can know your other traffic and no it wont so you all set :+1: :slight_smile:

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i can have a similar setup on pihole but not all people on mylocal network wants that :stuck_out_tongue: i have it also on linux with proxychains but im concern only from when im outside my local network after all i believe im already overprofiled so no point hide stuff locally but when im outside thats totally different, havent also totally understand how the onion network works exactly so dont know what to expect neither want to use something that i dont fully understand because i just set it up
so i need some light here guys

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easy. just do not add your local IP in their dns :stuck_out_tongue:

also my setup im using dnscrypt proxy (because their tor node like dns setup) that you use proxy in between so dns server itself does not know your real IP just like tor and with pihole as my own custom adblock so yeah humble setup

and sure if you not know anything ask me and i will try to help :smiley: from your post side as i said you should be fine maybe your own enemy is cookies so try restart tor browser from time to time

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