Orbot from F-Droid is 5 years old

On F-Droid only Orbot version 5 years old is available (version 15.0.1 is available, as on wiki I see version 16 from 2020). What is going on?

I do not see any ‘‘search for updated’’ within Orbot itself. Are there any?

What do you think about Orweb, I have a feeling I read somwhere that it is no longer updated - if yes, it is not safe. I guess other program should be used (Orfox?).

Orfox is outdated too

@Piccolo @A_user
In F-droid settings, select Guardian Project repo’ to get recent versions.


Use Torbrowser.

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Orfox and Orweb are unmaintained projects. Don’t use them.
For Android, there is a dedicated Tor Browser (Google Play link; current version 68.12.0 from August 25, 2020).

Besides, many F-Droid packages seem to get no updates at all, or you have to wait for months to get the latest update. For some apps it might be better to use another app store; especially when there are publicly-known security vulnerabilities.

What do you suggest we use in order to put Tor functionality to wrap around apps?

For instance, there is Orbot.

On the other hand, the latest version of the Tor branch 0.4.2.x is, released on July 9, 2020. Tor includes security updates and other fixes.

Without evaluating whether these fixes are relevant for Android, Orbot doesn’t seem to get security updates frequently/quickly.

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Most apps have delays getting into F-Droid repos. Orbot 16.3.0-RC-1-tor- (released on May 30, 2020) says it was added on August 5, 2020.

If you wish to choose a newer version, with apk, have your choice at:


including orbot-latest.apk 2020-08-04 which is linked from Guardian project:

“Direct Download (.apk)” at https://guardianproject.info/apps/orbot/.

Orbot works well enough for minimal “threat model” at least. You can have problems with some apps, however. Some services refuse app logins from Tor exit nodes, want you to play Captcha games the app can’t handle, or use two-factor logins or “approved” apps.

I know that i was talking about orfox