Orange Website | Software Removal

Orange Website recommends non-free software like cPanel:

It is one thing to support it, but recommending it can lead to misinforming consumers.
Especially users who would be better off just uploading a site built using Jekyll or Gramateria.

Another key issue is that the price is well above the competition.
For instance, 60 EUR/year at OpenBSD Amsterdam will get you " 512M RAM 50G HDD".
Orange Website starts at 29.90 EUR/month for less storage and less traffic.


Just to prove that this price-hike isn’t because they are pro-free speech, I’ll show another example.

1984 Hosting (another industry leader) starts at €8.99/month for slightly (8 GB less) storage.
This is more than a 3rd cheaper than Orange Websites.


We cannot expect everyday people to pay these high costs to self-host.