Opinions on this project?

Here are the links, the first is URL is a sort of a presentation to the project and the second link contains more useful information.


The idea is to replace SIM cards by buying them a number and using it through a Jabber client so you can communicate with SMS with people who use it without the need of paying to a company which can see all your traffic. I think it would be cool if I could use this to have a WSP or Signal account, but besides that I don’t see a lot of uses for it.

What do you think?

i was using it before (sadly they not support egypt, at least when i used them) and its amazing so for myself i recommend it

But I can still have a US or Canada number and use it on another country right?

yes it just when come to calls it was not supporting Egypt but it was supporting it tho in SMS

So with jmp… the essence is, signup, get a US/CAD phone number for $2.99/mnth so you can send SMS messages…which is also tied to your XMPP account.

you don’t need to pay a cell carrier if you don’t want to

But you need to pay us $2.99/mnth.

Sure, 2.99 may not be much, but i could for example, where I am buy a prepaid number for less than that per month. Also, question, so we buy a number from jmp and they have our account details? How is this information stored, is it encrypted, who has access, what about FBI requests, also also, seeing as they want people to use XMPP this ties the phone account to the virtual identity of your XMPP account, which makes the above questions as to who has access to all your account data even more relevant.

Am I missing something? Why would anyone want this? I don’t get it.

What problem is this trying to solve that hasn’t been done with MESH networks already?

For encrypted SMS there is already Silence, which is free couple that with a throw-away prepaid number and you have a better solution.

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A lot of your questions are right, just keep in mind that is almost impossible for you to get a SIM card which is not tied to your identity.

I acknowledge that, but in the situation with jmp, then they would have access to your identity would they not?

At least with most telcos, there are some privacy regulations enforced and in some countries, I can just buy a prepaid SIM, no questions asked.

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I guess it depends on the payments method and how they handle logs, but yes, it is very likely.

Prepaid SIMS are becoming more scarce and scarce, not so long ago it was possible where I live, not now. Still, I think this (https://crypton.sh/) is a better option that JMP.

Crypton.sh is essentially the same, but with more information and transparency.

8 pound a month is even more though, sheesh!

Their warrant canary hasn’t been updated since 21-11-2019.

If the canary is not updated for the period specified by the host or if the warning is removed, users are to assume that the host has been served with such a subpoena. The intention is to allow the provider to warn users of the existence of a subpoena passively, without technically violating the court order not to so.


They say, “this canary is always generated on an airgapped machine. This warrant canary is updated at least quarterly.”

So the next updat should be 20 Feb. Let’s see what happens.