Opinions on "inviZible Pro" from fdroid


hello people after i struggle with dnscrypt module from magisk and netguard to configure them right on my android phone i encounter the invizible app

is anyone using it? it looks pretty promising

This is not on f-droid can you paste the f-droid link?

Sounds like shit to me. And yes, izzysoft, is a third-party f-droid repository, which is untrusted.

We recommend only using the official f-droid.org repositories where reproducable builds occur, also stick to the recommendations on privacytools.io.

yes sorry its not on fdroid main repo is from izzysoft repo

It is also on the Play store.
You need root for the dnscrypt module. They have a Telegram support channel/group.

As for Izzy’s repo it may not be t.rusted by the tinfoil wearers, but it is quite well known and trusted by the fdroid people.

We don’t wear tin foil hats. However, we conducted a workshop in early March. Some workshop participants added the Izzy F-Droid repo, and installed apps that looked interesting. At least two of these apps contained ads. The descriptions of both apps didn’t contain any anti-features, especially no ads anti-feature.

We asked the F-Droid developers several times if there are any security or privacy checks and never got a satisfying answer. Back to the Izzy repo: We assume that the 500+ unofficial builds aren’t extensively checked either. The apps in this repo are provided by third parties (the app developers themselves), and there are only some automated checks that don’t catch everything as mentioned above.

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Applications in this repository are official binaries built by the original application developers, taken from their resp. repositories (mostly Github).

Thanks for pointing this out, especially:

I have not thoroughly checked the .apk files available here. As stated above, they are directly taken from the repositories of their resp. developers. Some basic measures are taken, though (see the Security section below). Still, use this repo at your own risk: I will take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages which might occur as result (not saying there will be any, though).

So, there are some automated checks that may fail to detect anti-features or other behavior as written above.

all in all ,still i believe the app is promising without wearing tinfoil hat also

Well, I´ve used it for quite a while.
It´s basically a Tor proxy running locally on your device, with the possibility of activating support for the I2P protocol and DNS-Crypt service.
Really powerfull, especially with root. It can automatically start itself, and prevent leaks if Tor Connection fail.
Still, It is comparable with the official Orbot proxy application.

any other solution for dnscrypt on android