Opinions in my multi account container setup

What do you guys think about my Firefox: multi-account containers, temporary containers and cookie auto delete setup?

I have my multi-account containers setup for services like: Reddit, YouTube, GitHub and other services/websites which I wouldn’t like to get logged out of. For each of these containers I then whitelist the given address inside the cookie auto delete plugin: Reddit = *.reddit.com , YouTube = *.youtube.com This keeps me logged in to my selected services, but it doesn’t share the data to any other tab.

For any service/website where I don’t have an specifically assigned container I then take advantage of the temporary containers plugin.

What do you guys think of this setup, any improvements or changes you would make?

That works but oftentimes I switch to a private window mode because youtube always breaks because of the noscript i have with the browser.

I use the same approach:

  • Multi-Account Containers for sites where I am logged in.
  • Forget Me Not with exceptions for permanent containers and to keep them clean of other unwanted cookies and other rubbish in Local Storage, Indexed DB, Service Workers or wherever.
  • Temporary Containers for everything else.

For problematic sites with a cross-domain login like YouTube, it’s enough to disable both containers add-ons once.

For something serious like a bank or government services—a private window where only uBlock Origin is enabled so as not to break anything, or ungoogled Chromium (for convenience, I’ve added -incognito key to its shortcut).

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Could I achieve the same without using a cookie deleter add on? I currently don’t use one but I would like to keep my sessions open using only some Firefox configuration.

I don’t think a cookie shredder is really necessary with this bundle. I see it as an additional layer of protection against accidental contamination.

I don’t think so, you’re just adding something more that Temporary Containers is already doing. But I just don’t seem to find a way to keep them cookies alive between sessions. :confused:

This is to keep Multi-Accounts Containers clean of unwanted cookies, not for Temporary.