Open source firewall for Windows?

Is there any open source firewall that is similar to Netguard for Android but for Windows?

I would consider how much open source would help you here, as you are already trusting microsoft. For somethings thats already closed source, I recommend glasswire. if you want to actully firewall your windows machine for doing shady stuff, I recommend you to do that at your router.

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still uses wfp, but i’ve seen a fair bit of (positive) hype around this

why don’t you ask us if there’s an open source operating system first.

I would rather recommend setting up PfSense as your firewall. There aren’t many great firewalls for Windows. PfSense does include options typically found in expensive enterprise-grade firewalls for free.

We are currently working on a FOSS Application firewall for Windows.

It is in alpha! and the packaging will be done within the next 2 weeks, we currently are only on Linux if you want to try it first.

We build it so you can look at all the windows traffic as well, and you can decide to block the nasty Microsoft stuff if you like.