Open source dead man's switch

I did an open source alt for dead man’s switch that written in python. right now the code works fine as expected and everything good, of course codes will be optimized in future but because i literally work on that script for 2 days on row without doing any something else i need to take break for like 2 days then i will start to optimize the code :slight_smile:

The app/script works as:

  1. You open it (ofc xD)
  2. Checks your date
  3. If date right (if date in file same as today’s date) you will add your password
  4. a new day will be added, so let’s say instead the emails will go sent at 28 it will be sent at 29
  5. make whole thing again to add one more day to be 30 and so on

It works by gmail (due it’s server for free not as protonmail, but sure you can use protonmail if you pro member) you add your email and password to login then you add your family emails to send them email in-case you are died and of course the subject of email and the message itself

If you have any ideas for code itself to be more improved or have new ideas just tell me in comments :smiley:

to run it you need (For sure) python (better if its 3.8) and install notify-run via pip (to enable notifications if you wish)

And thats it! (i’m sorry if i forgot something and yeah im happy thats why i typed a lot :joy:) so hope you like it


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Great work, dude, if I ever have some important to say to other people before I die, I’ll use this. I hope I can help you to improve it someday if I learn Python. :frowning_face:

well, you can give me ideas :V

Try to attack your own code. What if an attacker was able to roll back the date on the server?

server ? you clearly did not saw the code :joy:

everything on the PC no connection to internet made except if you using android to get notification (And everyone have his own channel) or in general to login to send emails and that does not happen unless date already is out so hacker wont stay on internet for whole life to catch your email (man in the middle attack)

sure saving files on PC is kinda bad and bit not secure but for now its good until i get new idea — btw next time see my code then ask :joy:

Sorry I am not really a coder. You can put some open source malware in there and if you dont have any obvious lines like “BeginMalwareExec” and I wont be able to analyze it really.

so you are not code and doubting my codes, wow. well, if you doubt in my app just do not use it :slight_smile:

No, they said that even if you add malware into the code they would only realize if you write something like “BeginMalwareExec”, which is super obvious.

oh make sense, sorry @hauntsanctuary :joy: and no its fine when it comes to open source apps i not realize what code mean too thats why i not fork from others and do app from start at my own so as i told to @a553d43c-f7fa-483a-8 you can always suggest and help by ideas <3

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I’m done developing now, and its ready to run all you need is just install keyring lib and see comments in code file to add your email address, password and your family email addresses and you ready to go :slight_smile: hope you guys love it and fit you

Cool idea.

I think there are a couple problems with deadmanswitch software in general:

  1. If people know you have it, they may try and trigger it early or prevent it from being sent
  2. Presumably whatever the message is that you are sending is pretty sensitive. How do you protect it and make sure it only goes to the recipient?
  3. Uptime of the deadman switch service
  4. Screw-ups causing the message to be sent before you are dead

I’m actually wondering if, because of that, it’s better to use “” for most people.

You could sign up over Tor using an email address not tied directly to you. This largely mitigates #1.

You could/should encrypt your messages anyways. Maybe send a message that include instructions on where the key is (i.e. safe deposit box which presumably your executor has access to), followed by the encrypted message. This mostly mitigates #2. Unfortunately, because you do have to list the recipients in the deadmanswitch, this somewhat unmitigates #1.

For myself anyways, I tend to setup services and forget about them. Relying on a semi-commercial offering is probably likely to have a higher likelyhood of working than my DIY service.

That said, deadmanswitch seems like it has a massive mischief bullseye painted on it. Sooner or later someone is going to compromise that and set the system date forward a couple months just to watch the chaos. This is a little less risky if the message is encrypted and the key is stored in something like the safe deposit box that the recipient wouldn’t have access to. I suppose the DIY is superior in this regard.

maybe you right but if you kept script in good place and hided it, you will be good

actually i can be sure the message will go to only to the recipient because if you will modify it you need to access to code itself so by that it will be user fault to my app fault

its local script and send emails from gmail and i assume google try it best to make gamil works most of time

you are right thats why i gave 3 more chances to enter password and i try to balance it between security and no screw-ups to not send emails is bad due its not open source and online so you not know what data you added in your email will goes instead my script on ur pc/android and you sure the data will never leave there until it send the emails so for me its more better but yes i get your point of view but my point of view nothing is perfect and we see alts alot like yt and peertube and both good so take it as that — and tor wont help you will add your personal info anyway such as your bank account or passwords so it wont help you that much and again those data will be saved on someone’s server but in my script it saved on your PC


Just to be clear. Not knocking what you’ve done. Love the idea and I think things like this are great to have.

With the “message going to the intended person” comment, what I was really getting at is encryption. I don’t trust deadmanswitch, nor do I completely trust an VPS I have. I think a good practice with something like this is to encrypt the message with a symmetric key, and then store the key in a safe deposit box or hand it to a friend with instructions to hand it over if you die. That way, a compromise of the server doesn’t compromise your message, and you are not trusting a bank or your friend with the whole message.

When I spoke of Tor, it was as a way of hiding who this packet of data was being stored for. I realize Tor does not help protect the sensitive details. That’s what the aforementioned encryption was for.


Again, everything stored on your PC unlike deadmanswitch website and what if my friends are bad in tech ? (as mine) it will be very hard to handle encryption and all of that and yes you right but you will be already died so your “private data” won’t effect a lot at that time and you could like share your data like passwords then at the end of email tell them to change password, idk.