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For the mods : sorry if I am posting in the wrong category, feel free to correct/delete/change anything, it’s my first created topic here (and on a Discourse forum in general) so I hope it’s ok.

Hi everyone ! I discovered Open-Exchange while looking into and I have a bunch of questions about it/them. I hope there is some users of apps here which will be able to answer.

I’m looking into as a possible solution for email and I have some questions I’d like to ask you for the best way to use my account regarding privacy into an iOS/Mac environment using a personal domain (I know it’s not a great starting point to be stuck on iOS but at this time that’s what I have) :

  • I understand Caldav and Cardav do not support E2EE so I may plan to use something else for contacts and calendars (EteSync most probably, waiting to see version 2.0 next month but not sure yet or maybe self-hosting with Baïkal on a RaspberryPi ?) : would you suggest to just keep everything with Mailbox ?
  • What is your opinion on the “drive” that Mailbox offer with the account ? Would you suggest to go with it and trust it ? (asking the question because If yes then I may go with the 25Go storage option, otherwise I’ll just keep the 1Euro per month for minimal storage and mails only).
  • On iOS (I know, don’t have an Android anymore :frowning: may most probably have one next year but in the meantime I’m stuck with iOS) I was very interested by the Open-Exchange Mail app as well as the Drive app (supposing I end up using the Mailbox Drive) : Do you have experience with the OX Mail app ? Does it integrates perfectly with Mailbox (encryption support etc… ) ? Or would you suggest to avoid it and just stuck with the stock Apple Mail app ?
  • On Mac : supposing I end-up using the Drive then the setup would be Thunderbird for mail and OX Drive (they have an app for Mac) for storage. Any issue with this setup ?

If you have anything to add regarding Open-Exchange don’t hesitate, I’m curious about it (I didn’t know this thing before looking into


I use for email, but nothing else. I use FairEmail app on my android phone, Thunderbird on WIndows and K-Mail on Linux.

For contacts and calendar, I use Nextcloud (hosted by provider), so no E2EE. Synced via DAVx5. IMO, what’s the point of having contacts encrypted, when all are already very well known to Google, MS, Apple, Facebook…

For storage I use Tresorit, until Nextcloud’s E2EE is out of alpha (which might be in next client release)

So my advice would be - don’t use or Open-Exchange for anything else but email. Also I would consider Tutanota for email, if you’re ok with their client on PC instead of Thunderbird.

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That’s a good point. Thank you for your answer.