Open dns family shield alternative

Anybody know of a good dns because i heard open dns has probelms, that blocks adult content
for kids?

Kids will be kids and you really cant block adult content from them. The better non-technical way to deal with this is by talking.

You may be able to lock down your home computer but best friend Erin’s computer isnt locked down so your kid will just hang out there for adult content.

yeah i know
still would like a dns that block adult content

Adguard has a family friendly DNS.

NextDns or Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare already has a service for blocking adult content, if I’m not mistaken it’s and ( , but Gateway allows you to block it in a personalized way, that is, you can block pornography and also the Twitter domain for example (which has a lot of pornography).

I have been using NextDns and it has served me well.