Onenote, Evernote alt - Saferoom

Hi all,

I have looked into Joplin, Turtle, and Standard Notes, and have found nothing that really compares to either note applications mentioned above — in terms of note style/format and website clipper?

But, I’m curious to know what you all think about Saferoom (, and how, if at all it protects resting data? I love the fact that I can continue to use everyday popular tools, but privacy wise. I am looking to use my note taking application heavily for sensitive client information, and my own – namely medical and financial. I also find saferoom a little cumbersome.

What are your thoughts?

This certainly looks interesting. Almost too good to be true…

However : only works on Windows 10 on the desktop. Note titles and tabs (or is it tags ?) are not encrypted (this is very bad : note titles can give away a lot of information. How do they plan to earn a living ? Very little info on the site, for the time being.

As I know, you can use local storage for Onenote files (notes), no need to use it with Onedrive. In that case, any E2EE encrypted cloud or Cryptopmator + any other cloud will do the same job.

But the problem with MS office is that it might leak information to Microsoft, though probably not the content of the documents

Similar to (but only works for Google Drive obviously, doing almost the samething)
However u still will be in their hands and supposed to their ToS, it depends of ur threat model. Still not safe at all, also u continue to not support other initiatives focused on security and privacy.

Last time I checked, only the paid-for version of One Note allowed local storage – and it’s not cheap, either. The free version makes online storage mandatory.

Have you verified that One Note works with Cryptomator ? I’m sure One Note must have its very proprietary way of uploading things in the cloud, so how is this compatible with Cryptomator ?

I agree.

But in general I am or at least was interested in that topic as well.

For me since I was using mainly lists I am now using the tasks feature from
And use for instance the reminder app on iOS/Mac

What do you think about Notion? They don’t encrypt data, but at least privacy agreement looks reasonable, and you can restrict usage of your data. Wouldn’t call it really private, but looks much better then EverNote.

Notion is great for productivity and it’s very flexible; you can do amazing things with it. But the missing encryption is a deal-breaker for me.

I’d rather recommend, they have a very cool privacy policy that is split in two: one for the average Joe, one for lawyers.

It’s not perfect though because they access to a few unecrypted things, like EXIF dates of photos (not a problem for me since I strip those anyway, but good to know).