On the toppling of tech giants

and so it begins…

“After a spate of unusual negotiations, the Justice Department has agreed to handle potential antitrust investigations related to Apple and Google, while the Federal Trade Commission will take on Facebook and Amazon.”

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I still want Microsoft to be broken up into two, one for the browser, and the other for their other software. This has been something I’ve wanted to happen since 1998.

Good article. I don’t think anything substantial will come out of this. Both major US parties receive bribes from technology companies. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

It will take a lot more than some US government inquiries to get them in line. There would need to be methods for forcing top executive to take personal responsibility for their actions (e.g. criminal penalties for FB promoting violence in Myanmar and many other smaller countries, Equifax knowingly ignoring warnings from IT regarding the Struts vulnerability etc.)

I would say the same thing about Amazon.

Unless they are running schemes that directly harm the 1% (e.g. Madoff), I think most American oligarch-types have nothing to fear.

How about the hardware? I am currently typing on Microsoft keyboard and I also have two mice, I think.

some of these “breakups” have worked very much to the company’s benefit in the past as well - if the gubmunt does something like this, it’s usually because someone stands to benefit (and it ain’t you and me) - Fakebook is another example - why’s Zuck open to gov. regulation? i’m not exactly sure why, but i am sure it has zero to do with the stated reasons

actually i take that back - FB is open to gov. regulation very possibly because they want to eliminate competition by “helping” to craft regulations that essentially no one else will be able to conform to, certainly no small company