OK Google Are you spying on me?

I recommend you to read this article translating it from Spanish language. Very interesting:

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do you have any suggestions to translate it without using google?

DeepL works very well


Was about to recommend the same.

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Block Google analytics with ublock origin.

Yeah just… no. The article is misleading, and grossly incomplete (in addition to being insanely speculative).

Can you explain why?


  • the primary purpose of the device revolves around a fully enabled microphone looking for keywords “ok google”. so… obviously Google is listening to everything, and it’s short-sighted to consider the primary function spying.
  • the kicker of the article was “maybe google is storing all stored audio on their servers”. speculative? yes. probable? unlikely. the idea of it is awful, i admit, but if you’re concerned about being listened to, don’t buy a device which listens to everything.
  • of the devices on the market, i’ve seen the least amount of privacy concerns around Google Home compared to others - e.g. alexa.

i could keep going, but i hope that makes some sense.

First thing I do is either remove or disable the Google app. On my rooted device (tablet) I also have apps that disable the camera and mic.

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I think you didn’t understand the article. It’s all about forensic analysis of this device and how he finds that all what people says is STORED in google servers with dates and time in it.
Many people don’t believe that’s true and what he does is to analyse the device and trying to PROBE it.
That’s what the article wants to say and to explain. And that’s what a forensic analysis does, because some companies say that they don’t store what people talks, they talk about privacy and deleting the files, etc… and as we see, in this example with Google, it that they are lying.
Many people can say a lot about privacy, what a device does, etc… but if they don’t prove it it’s like nothing.